Junior rugby in Turku!

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Juniors are currently having an off-season break, but the trainings will continue in the beginning of 2019!

What is rugby?

Rugby is a fast and gripping team sport, that is played all around the world from a very young age. Rugby is safe and versatile sport despite it’s physicality. It suits players from all ages and sizes, since it is very diverse sport as it’s game play and it’s player requirements.

Rugby does good for younger (and older) players in many ways. It increases your physical fitness, mobility and coordination skills. It can also improve your concentration, focus, social skills and sportsmanship. Rugby culture highly values respect and supportive behaviour towards everyone, fair play and commitment to your team.

Turku rugby juniors

Junior Trainings

Rugby fits all youngsters well and to attend trainings person doesn’t need any previous knowledge of the sport. Our trainings will start from very beginner level and the drills are always adjusted to trainee’s individual level. We will start our rugby year by learning the basic skills and elements of the game, playing different variations of rugby and having fun with the world’s best sport!

Sign-up to trainings in advance by sending the club email: eagles@rugby.fi
In email type the name and age of attending junior, and the name and email address of the parent/guardian of the junior. It is always very ok to attend the trainings without signing-up in advance, the needed information will be collected in the trainings.

It is free to attend the trainings and try out rugby for few weeks without any further commitments. For training equipment you’ll only need light sports clothing, sneakers or cleats and a water bottle.

Ask more info from the club via email: eagles@rugby.fi